Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Surprisingly Intelligent Squid

 Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex
My last prediction was wrong. Orion didn't come out while fighting the squid. That's okay, because the scene was absolutely perfect. It was hilarious when the squid was trying to crack open the suit. I especially liked the part where Artemis screamed "I'm the nut!" and when the squid winked at him before trying to smash the suit open with a rock. I thought it was funny when the squid squeezed an eye closed to help its aim and Artemis decided that it was more intelligent than he'd thought. Eoin Colfer is very good at creating intense situations while still maintaining the humor that is present throughout the series. I also liked his portrayal of Turnball Root, because he seems very nice, and generous, but the second someone messes up even a little bit he gives them incredibly harsh punishments. In the next part of the book, I predict that Artemis and the rest will uncover either where Turnball is hiding or what his plan is. At the very least, I think they'll realize he's still alive.

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