Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happy Friendly Temporary Banishments

 A Dance with Dragons
I remembered this part from the last book, but I was still shocked when Lord Snow forced Sam to leave the Wall and become a maester. I understand that it was necessary, but I think Jon was a little too cold and mean. I think the line "kill the boy and let the man be born" was very fitting for the way Jon Snow is acting right now. He's forced to order people around and do what he thinks is right, even if that means hurting the people around him, so it makes sense. I'm pretty curious about what the knights Stannis sent out are doing. He's definitely planning something. Dolorous Edd was as hilarious as he always is. His line about the boats wasn't as good as his fears that he'll still have watch duty even after he dies because of the ice zombies, but it was still up there. Jon's thought about the Wall seeming to shake climbers off made me wonder, because there are ancient spells woven into it. It was probably just a random internal comment, but it might be foreshadowing. I was pretty surprised when Jon tried to order Janos Slynt to rebuild Greyguard. I knew he would refuse, but I was outright shocked when Jon executed him. Without a doubt a Lord Snow moment.

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