Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quote the Johnny

"Stay gold." What I think Johnny meant by this is that Pony shouldn't get hard like Dally. He should stay the way he is, the way his mother was. He should realize that fighting won't accomplish anything, and that he needs to get out of the hood. 
  On the other hand is Dally's "...Crazy for wanting Johnny to stay outa trouble, for not wantin' him to get hard. If he'd been like me he'd never have been in this mess. If he'd got smart like me he'd never have run into the church. That's what you get for helping people. Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble... You'd better wise up, Pony... you get tough like me and you don't get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothing can touch you..." It's ironic because Dally stopped looking out for himself and started caring for Johnny. He let his guard down, and life punched him in the face. 
  The quotes are very different, because Johnny wants Ponyboy to be soft and kind hearted, while Dally wants Pony to be hard and cold.

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