Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Revealing Retcon Revelations

I read a lot of  A Dance With Dragons over our free week, and I finally realized that GRRM made a huge mistake - Lysa Arryn admitted she killed Jon Arryn, but so did Grand Maester Pycelle back when Tyrion was still Hand of the King. That really annoys me, because if you're going to write a massive book series, you should remember all the important details about it. Maybe it was just a retcon, though. I was actually really amazed when it was revealed that Aegon Targaryen was still alive, but I don't really like his character. He thinks he's perfectly fit to be king even though he knows nothing about leadership, and he never even thought that his own aunt Daenerys would refuse to marry him. I'm really curious about what's going on with Tyrion, because he was just kidnapped by a knight who says he's taking him to the queen. Martin wants us to think he's being brought to Cersei, who wants him dead, but I think he's actually being brought to Daenerys. After all, the odds of some random Westerosi knight being in the exact same random building in the exact same town on the exact same legendarily dangerous river are infinitesimal. Besides, Martin knows he'd lose like 50 percent of the fan base if he killed Tyrion.

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