Monday, October 3, 2016

Shivering and Executions Create Friendships

After I told you about the prologue of A Dance with Dragons, I no doubt left you hungering for more. I was really happy that we started off with Tyrion because he didn't appear at all in the last book. Unfortunately, he's not the same man he once was, but I guess murdering your own father after your sister tried to have you executed for the assassination of the person who was both her son and her nephew will do that to you. I wouldn't know. I was a little sad to see the way people treated him after everything that happened to him, but I liked all the internal comments he was making on the fact that he was being forced to work for Daenarys after his brother killed her father. Bran's chapter was pretty slow and boring overall, just like it always is, but we did learn that the ranger Coldhands was dead, and he'd been reanimated by the Three-Eyed Crow. It did make me pretty interested in the Crow's powers, and if they're similar to how wights and white walkers are made. Let's move on to Jon Snow and Stannis at the Wall. You can really see how they're growing on each other - Stannis only threatened to have Jon executed twice. I wasn't surprised at Jon refusing to leave the Night's Watch and claim Winterfell. If he didn't do it after his father's execution, he wouldn't do it for power.

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