Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Dragon Queen Without Dragons

In the latest episode of A Dance with Dragons, we shifted back to Meereen and Daenerys without her dragons. I thought she would obliterate everything, but things aren't looking good for her, as her trade routes are blocked off, she has no way of growing crops, her people hate her and the Sons of the Harpy are inside the city, killing off her men at every possible chance. Not only that, but two of her dragons have been chained up do to the fact that she couldn't control them, and the third left. Still, I think she'll survive because I believe she's Azor Ahai reborn and Jorah and Tyrion are coming to her. Speaking of which, I have a hunch that Jorah is hiding something. There's been a lot of talk about greyscale on the river he was traveling on, so maybe he has that. I definitely think there's gonna be trouble on the voyage to Meereen. I think the final battle between Daenerys and the Wise Masters will happen soon, because she's running out of options. I'm biting my nails about what is going to happen. I was actually really surprise that Melisandre got a chapter to herself. It was pretty cool that we actually got to see what gazing into the flames was like. It was weird that she seemed so desperate and worried, because usually she's calm and confident. She's always so vague and mystic, so it felt odd to know exactly what she was thinking. I'm pretty curious about the ruby she planted on Rattleshirt and their mentions of a glamor.

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