Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Shockingly Obvious Reveal

In the Tyrion's last chapter in A Dance with Dragons, I realized that I was an idiot. The knight who was escorting Tyrion was Jorah Mormont. I feel stupid because I should have realized that from the start. I was correct that Tyrion was being taken to Daenerys. My guess is that Jorah is trying to get back into her good graces, in the hopes that she'll call off the banishment and maybe not kill him if he sets foot Meereen. Back to the chilly north, our favorite Lord Commander actually did something instead of brooding and complaining about how he doesn't trust anyone, which was startling. It was barely important, which was disappointing. I realize that sending men out to do ranging is his job, but at this point we all know that the men he sent out are going to die. I was pretty surprised that he actually sparred with someone, and amazed that he beat three people at once. I get that he was trained by the best, but it seems kind of stupid that he can do that without practicing in weeks. I was even more surprised that Rattlebones beat him easily after that. I mean, the man hasn't gotten proper nutrition in months. I guess suspension of disbelief is important in a series where the main antagonists are a bunch of ice zombies, though.

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