Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Time Warp Duo

I've been reading Life, the Universe and Everything for a little while and I thought I'd post about it. I was a little surprised that the crew was separated like that. I hadn't expected Ford and Arthur to end up traveling to prehistoric Earth. I was really surprised when it turned out that Arthur was Golgafrinchan and all the humans died out millions of years ago. I also hadn't expected them to find out what the greatest question in the universe was so easily, but it was hilarious. I certainly didn't expect the man who ruled the universe to act the way he did, but the cat named My Lord joke was great. I thought the scene where Ford and Arthur chased the sofa across the meadow was perfect, and their landing in the middle of a cricket match two days before the Earth explodes was wonderfully depressing. Of course, the Krikkets invade right then, which was a little confusing because we don't know anything about them. I did like the explanation for why Slartibartfast's ship was a flying Italian bistro. Trillian leaving Zaphod was pretty sad. I wonder what happened to her, but at least she didn't get shot by the Krikkits. The computer servers being gagged on the Heart of Gold was pretty clever.

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