Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I've Run Out of Semi-Clever Titles

I read Trail Fever by Michael Lewis again. Phil Gramm's race to win the presidential election began in New Hampshire. The author found the place once he arrived there by following all the footprints in the foot deep snow, because he figured that there was only one place in New Hampshire that people wanted to be, and the footprints would take him there. When he got to the place where Phil was going to be (he arrived a day later), a staff member copied out all the places Lewis should probably go by hand instead of just giving him Phil Gramm's schedule. The Texas senator had already spent twenty million dollars of other people's money trying to get people to believe that he was more fiscally responsible than any of his opponents. It did a good job scaring away potential threats. When people thinking of running heard he was going to do 300 fundraisers in 40 days, they ran for the hills. Two hours later, Lewis learned that becoming a campaign journalist is easy. You call the administration, ask where the candidate is going and say you want to come. If you're persistent enough, they even pick you up at your hotel and drive you across the country for free, as long as you shake up the public attention.

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