Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Religion vs KBARB (Also Broken Necks)

We interrupt your usual mindless drivel to ask you a hypothetical question: If someone reads the Bible for nonfiction KBARB, do you give them the points? Now back to the mindless drivel you actually want to read. Today I like totally read about neck injuries, because we use all the parts of the buffalo and I got the brain. The website was Anyhoo, the most common form of neck injury is an ache you get when you overuse the muscles and tendons in your neck. We've all had that before, nothing else needs to be said. Another common injury is whiplash, which is a neck sprain. You usually get it from car accidents. When you break your neck, it means one of your cervical bones is cracked or dislocated. Those are bones around your neck, and they play an important role in protecting your spinal cord, which is why you can get paralysed if you break them. Of course, moving and whatnot is still possible if you break your neck but don't sever the spinal cord, though you can occasionally become temporarily paralysed. There was a professional wrestler who broke his neck and proceeded to wrestle for fifteen brutal minutes before the match finally ended. That must have been quite the dire situation. You really have to respect the man for going through that.

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