Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's Funny 'Cause Poles Can't Walk

So, I just remembered what you said about topics needing to be specific, and I realized my topic was really, really, broad. Luckily, I noticed that both the weapons I've talked about have been mounted on a large handle, so I'm just gonna pretend that the topic was weapons with large handles all along.  Today, we'll be covering halberds. Linkle doodle do: Yeah, I know that most teachers are triggered by wikipedia, but you try finding so many different sources for medieval weaponry. It's all just online stores. Anyhoo, a halberd is basically an axe mounted on a long pole. However, there's also a spear at the top and a hook on the back, so it's basically Frankenstein's Monster. The hook was designed for fighting mounted opponents, and the spearhead could function a little bit like a warhammer spike with reach, so it caused untold devastation on the hopes and dreams of everyone who even considered putting armor on. The axe part is pretty self explanatory: Hack and slash to all your hearts content, because you've got enough range that they'll never get close. The halberd is a member of the polearm family of weaponry. Complicated scientific names were not the strong suit of the dark ages, but that isn't really a bad thing. In case you didn't get it, it's called a polearm because it's a weapon on a pole. Mind blown, am I right? But anyway, the halberd is an incredibly versatile armament. If your opponent's weapon has superior speed and power, you keep them at bay with the spear head. If they've got a great shield and specialize in defense, then you crush them with the axe. If they've made the expensive choice of riding a horse, unseat them with the hook. Not only that, but it's astoundingly simple to use - an untrained peasant once killed Charles the Bold with one of these, which ended the Burgundian wars decisively.

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