Monday, April 3, 2017

Domo Arigato

For this week's edition of Dee Dee's Curayzee Literature, we'll be taking a look at literary classic I, Robot sci-fi giant Isaac Asimov.  The intro has a very wistful, even sad, feel about it, and I found myself sympathizing with Susan, even though nothing really sad is happening. It's sad for her, and you feel that emotion right along with her.  I really like the idea of robopsychology. It's a very interesting and suitably realistic way to develop artificial intelligence. The only thing I dislike is how humanlike it makes the robots, but I guess that's the point of AI in the first place. Gloria's sort of a brat, but I guess she is only eight. Robbie himself is a very interesting character. He seems to have trouble understanding and following certain orders, like not hiding inside the house and not running until Gloria has found him, but a lot of his other behavior is incredibly human, but maybe even warmer and kinder. I like it because it shows how good he is at certain things his programming is designed to have him do, and how he's slow to learn, or maybe incapable of learning things that his makers might not have expected.

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