Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ay, Robbie

Hello once again, audience. Welcome back to another exciting edition of Douglasses Trippy Texts. Last week we began our review of I, Robot. We return now to the scene, already in progress. Robbie's love of stories greatly interests me. It's a small thing, but it really makes me think about how that robot brain of his works. Is it just something his programmer added in to make him seem more like a real person, or is his brain designed to learn, and listens to stories to help it do so? Is he capable of learning new words? We know he likes certain ones because his favorite is Cinderella and even his eight year old ward is tired of telling it to him. Why does he like it, though? I'm probably overanalyzing the story. I really pitied George as his wife manipulated him, but I'm not sure if she was in the wrong. I predict that the family will sell Robbie, and Gloria will run away to the city to find him. She'll be lost there, but Robbie will find her and bring her home to her family.

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