Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Metal 2 Society

Hey, hey, kids! Welcome back to another episode of Dug's Proportional Palabras. The scene where George is forced to lie to his daughter and she bursts into tears is heartbreaking. It remains to be seen if Mrs. Weston made the right choice about sending Robbie away, but there's no arguing against the fact that she broke the news all wrong. Anyone could see that she would subconsciously associate the dog, Lightning, with Robbie's disappearance, or at least the feelings she had at the time, and would thus never grow to like it. They should have let Gloria be sad for a few days, or better yet weeks, and then brought in the dog to cheer her up. Douglas Troy and his writers are not trained psychologists and have no degrees. They are not liable for any physical or emotional trauma or other inconveniences you may encounter from following their advice. Mrs. Weston is clearly a terrible person, seeing as how she'd rather have her daughter suffer for years than allow a robot to bring her up. She says so herself. Mr. Weston seriously needs to stick up for his pour daughter.

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