Thursday, April 6, 2017

Smith & Weston

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to yet another sad edition of Dougles' Literal Literacy. I think I'm finally starting to agree with Mrs. Weston. Gloria can't grow up with nothing but a robot as a friend, but that doesn't mean you have to take the robot away completely and without warning. My brief psychology lesson explained why. I thought the decision to move was a bad idea. Gloria's enthusiasm was incredibly suspicious, and they should have taken a moment to consider that it had something to do with Robbie. Her idea that they were going to hire detectives was adorable, hilarious, and heartbreaking in a life-ruining kind of way all at the same time. She obviously failed to factor in that they were taking all their belongings with them. It would seem that my prediction that she'll get lost looking for Robbie in the city is coming together nicely. I'm absolutely certain that my theory is correct. I'm also hoping for some much-needed retribution for Mrs. Weston, but it'll probably just be one of those endings where she sees the error of her ways and hops on the bandwagon. I could be wrong, but I am definitely getting that vibe from the story. I suppose it's possible that George will divorce her, but it states multiple times that he loves her, which is why he goes along with what she does, so I'm guessing we can safely cross that possibility off the list. Mrs. Weston getting run over by a truck is certainly the least likely of possibilities. I don't get the random, chaotic death vibe from Isaac Asimov the way I do from George RR Martin.

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