Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Three Reasons Why The Giver Book is Better Than the Movie

Three Reasons Why the Giver Book is Better Than the Movie
The Giver book is better than the movie for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I do not like the idea of Asher being a drone pilot. He is a very playful and joking person who has failed to master precision of language in spite of the fact that he’s lived in a Community where that is the most important thing for his entire life. He seems like a very irresponsible person. He once got late to class because he stopped to watch some fish. That is not the sort of person whom you trust with flying something as valuable and expensive as a drone, especially when you consider that they take it so seriously that they executed a pilot for the sole reason that he flew over the city. They care it that much, but apparently it is the kind of job you give to the one who doesn’t know the difference between”distraught” and “distracted.” I think that was a very poorly thought out decision that happened only to add some extra conflict which was completely unnecessary. It was barely even a conflict, because all that happened was that Asher shows up, talks to Jonas, decides he’s cool and drops him into a river. It’s utterly pointless, and I suspect it only happened to pad the run time.
Another thing I dislike about the movie which isn’t present in the book is the weird futuristic technology. I always had the impression that the Community was a place that cared only about function, and that they probably wouldn’t have something if they didn’t need it. I definitely don’t think they need the bizarre architecture of the houses, which look like a three year old’s box fort, or maybe one of those massive things you add to your house for your cat to play on. You know, the thing with all the weird platforms and scratching posts? They also have holograms, which are completely unnecessary. They should be using the speakers instead, or even screens. I heavily doubt that holograms will ever become used in the real world because they’re stupid and useless, so there is no way that the Community would ever even consider thinking of dreaming about it. I mean, most people in the real world don’t even like 3d, so holograms have a snowball’s chance of ever becoming universal in the real world, and no one in the Giver would ever consider it.
The final reason I have for the book being better than the movie is the movie’s attempt at a romance. First of all, Jonas and Fiona would have immediately been called in for chastisement after their little stunt with the slide. It was also phenomenally cheesy. Why were they climbing a massive staircase to get food in the first place? Secondly, the cameras should have caught Jonas using the apple. There is no possible way that Jonas isn’t under an unusually large amount of surveillance at this point. He’s been selected to be the new Receiver, so they probably be monitoring his mental state because they don’t want another failure. Not only that, but Jonas was also wildly misbehaving, so they should have been watching him even closer. Besides, he explained his trick to Fiona out loud, so their surveillance should have heard him say it. There’s no possible way that any of that could ever work.

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